Best Changing Pad Covers in 2019: Protecting From Nasty Stains & Odors

You spent a good chunk of money on one of the biggest, baddest, most sturdy changing tables you could find, and you got a changing pad to put on top of it – now what?

Well, if you plan on getting your money’s worth and not having that changing pad last longer than just a few days before you have to buy a new one because it got stained beyond repair, get a diaper changing pad cover!

Mother changing her baby's diaper on a changing pad with a cover

Not only does a changing pad cover protect your changing pad from any unwanted surprises your baby might throw its way mid-diaper change, it also makes changing time that more comfortable for your baby.

To avoid all of these woes and more, have a look at this list of what we believe to be the best changing pad covers of today.

Best Changing Pad Covers – a Quick Look at Our Top 4 Recommendations

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Best Changing Pad Covers – a More Detailed Look at Our Top 4 Recommendations

It might not seem like a necessary addition to your diapering toolkit at first, but you’ll soon find out just how important a clean set of changing pad covers is – and unfortunately, if you don’t have these at hand ASAP because you organized for them as part of your baby registry, you’ll find out the hard (and messy) way!

To keep your baby’s surprising mess at bay and protect your diaper changing pads and furniture from stains that prove to be impossible to remove, have a look at what we believe to be the best changing pad covers and liners of today.

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BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers for Boys Girls

Because it’s a stretchy changing pad cover, this choice can fit most changing pads out there, no matter which brand you have and no matter what kind of shape it comes in. Even if it’s one of those unusual oval shaped changing pads you have, this cover should be able to fit it just fine.

As long as your changing pad is up to 16’’x 32’’ in dimensions, this cover will fit it.

Also, thanks to its stretchy and elastic nature, it’s ridiculously easy to set up on just about any changing pad you want. Use the elastic bottom and strap holes to your advantage, and it’ll be set up in a matter of seconds.

All of this makes it very easy to put these covers on your diaper changing pads and take them off for washes and cleaning with no hassle whatsoever.

It’s one of the most soft changing pad covers, and is made from gentle material that’s excellent for your baby’s sensitive skin.

There’s also a variation cover of the same model specifically made for playard sheets. This variation perfectly fits a pack n play or mini crib without feeling like the corners will come loose and without the mattress being bunched up, in case your baby decides to sleep there.

Because of how soft and gentle this cover is on your baby’s skin, they should have no trouble whatsoever sleeping on it on their belly in their pack n play. The regular pack n play sheets aren’t exactly gentle on your baby’s skin, and the rough material could make their face go red, but that’s solved with this cover.

That variation can also be used perfectly fine on portable cribs or mini cribs to fend off damage from leaky diapers, too. They should fit just fine on almost any standard sized crib out there, and should also fit in bassinets as bassinet sheets just fine. By doing that, you could make your baby’s bassinet their new changing station.

If this changing pad cover ever gets dirty, just throw it in the washer, put some soap in and see for yourself how easy it is to get it looking clean and almost brand new again.

They don’t lose their quality with washes, either. Even months after use and several washes, they should still remain soft and colorful, and should not be stretched out. As a matter of fact, they seem to get softer with every wash.

There’s plenty of options to choose from that match your baby’s nursery decor and theme, and they come in very cute prints!

One thing to be cautious about regarding this option, though, is that if your baby prefers thin changing pad covers, especially if you live in exceptionally warmer or more humid areas, they might not like these all that much, since they’re a bit thicker than your average diaper changing pad cover.

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Biloban Organic Changing Pad Cover/Change Table Cover Sheets

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and organic changing pad cover to prevent your baby’s skin from irritating because of nasty material, you’ve found it!

This changing table cover is made from 100% organic jersey cotton fabric with a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.

It’s an excellent choice for parents trying to steer away from changing table pad covers that have harmful chemicals and dyes that harm their baby’s sensitive skin and cause allergies.

It should be able to fit any standard sized changing pad out there, and is actually pretty affordable for a pack of 2 organic changing pad covers. It should also be able to fit changing tables just fine, since these are also changing table sheets.

A word of caution about sizing, though, is that it might not be the best option for standard sized contoured changing pads, as it tends to not fit properly sometimes. It can feel a bit too squeezed and badly stretched.

As far as an extremely absorbent and waterproof changing pad cover are concerned, tell your baby to be your guest and test the cover with everything they have during a diaper change. When they’re done throwing everything they’ve got in store its way, see for yourself how the cover absorbs almost all of it, and the pad remains dry and clean and comes out unscathed.

Sudden pee attacks? Be my guest – challenge accepted!

Speaking of waterproof, it’s wonderfully packaged, and even comes with a waterproof bag you can use as well.

Last but not least, it’s available in that perfect white color that many parents look for, including myself. As far as designs are concerned, though, there’s not much going on in that department, so it might not be the best choice for you if nailing that “cuteness” factor is a priority of yours. It’s just plain white!

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Cambria Baby 3 Pack 100% Organic Cotton Changing Pad Covers

This changing pad cover is unique in the reinforced safety strap holes it has. These are slits on the sides that are placed there for the pad’s strap or buckle to go through.

A 3-pack like this has you well covered if you have a little munchkin that keeps on blessing you with one mess after the other and you need the extra number of covers to not have constant nightmares about laundry!

They also come in very cute patterns, which is something you might want to go with if the plain white organic option we talked about above from Biloban feels too “dull” and “boring” for your liking. They’re also available in gender neutral colors, which means you can use these perfectly fine for both girls and boys.

One potential drawback this cover has that you should know about is that the holes designed for the safety belts might wear out in time with constant use.

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Burt’s Bees Baby Changing Pad Cover

The Burt’s Bees baby changing pad cover incorporates BEESNUG 360º technology. This provides a premium elastic stretch and a more snug fit than many other changing pad covers of today, which you end up finding out are oftentimes way too tight.

This also helps keep the changing pad cover in place during diaper duty, which is especially useful if you have an extra wiggly baby who won’t lay still no matter what you do! It really holds its place well once it’s on and you’re changing your baby’s diaper.

Speaking about wiggly babies, though, there’s a small tag engraved at the top of the cover that I think is a bit of trouble. Depending on what your baby’s like, there’s a chance they might get distracted by it and not sit still, which only makes your baby diaper changing routine more difficult than it already is.

That’s not a deal breaker, though, as with a little bit of creativity, you can easily hide that tag and camouflage it if it proves to be too much trouble for you!

Fits standard diaper changing pads sized with dimensions: 16″ x 32″, and is elastic around the edges, which means it’s a piece of cake taking it off and putting it back on.

It’s made from 100% organic material and breathable cotton, and is GOTS certified.

You can choose between terrycloth or cotton jersey knit fabrics, it’s entirely up to you. The terrycloth knit option is best if you know you need superb absorbency as a priority, while the jersey knit option is best if you know you need the softest material possible on your baby’s skin.

Some parents consider cotton jersey knit to be a bit too soft and plushy for their liking, so having the option to choose terrycloth knit (which is still soft, but not as soft) is a huge plus.

It’s machine washable and dryable, and it actually gets softer and softer with every wash.

As far as colors and designs, it’s beyond awesome! Seriously, it has one of the widest assortments of color choices I’ve ever seen in a diaper changing pad cover.

If you happen to be on a tight budget and don’t have that much money to spend on these items, you might want to think twice before picking this cover up, as it’s not the most affordable organic changing pad cover. If you can comfortably afford it, though, you know you’re getting one of the best!

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Do I Really Need Changing Pad Covers?

So, why do you need to get a changing pad cover? Shouldn’t the changing pad you already spent money on be enough for all your baby’s diapering needs?

A changing pad cover isn’t absolutely essential to get, meaning that you can still use your changing pad perfectly fine even if you don’t have a cover for it. However, if you care at all about your changing pad and don’t want to worry about having to buy a replacement for it anytime soon, then a changing pad cover is a must.

As you already know by now, a changing pad cover offers your baby a comfortable place to lay on while they get their dirty diaper changed into a brand new one. It also helps keep your baby safe during the change, in the sense that it helps keep them still and minimize the chances of them rolling over and falling off the dresser or changing table.

Last but not least, it also helps keep your possessions safe. How? If your baby decides to surprise you with pee mid-changing session, or poo comes out of their diaper and makes a mess, the bed, couch or dresser you’re changing them on remains protected and stain-free.

However, what about the changing pad itself? Unfortunately, it takes the brunt of that mess, and ends up sustaining stains and odors that are a nightmare to get rid of.

That’s what changing pad covers are meant for! With a changing pad cover, no matter when your baby decides to pee in the middle of a diaper change, or even if they have a diaper blowout, your changing pad will remain stain-free and odor-free.

What Should I Look For In Changing Table Pad Covers?

Not any changing pad cover will get the job done just fine. To make sure you’re getting some of the best changing pad covers out there, look for these features.


It’s super important to make sure that any changing pad cover you get is absorbent enough.

If you get one that’s not quite absorbent, whatever pee your baby throws its way during diaper changes will not be soaked up, and will instead be repelled back and get on your baby’s body or clothes.


One of the most important things you should look for in a changing pad cover is how comfortable it is. Your baby’s going to be lying on it for up to 10 or 12 times a day after all!

So, make sure it’s made of high quality, soft and comfortable material. Most importantly, your baby should not feel cold when lying there waiting to have a new, clean diaper wrapped around their bottom.

The material the changing pad cover is made from should have them feeling warm and comfortable.


Make sure the material your diaper changing pad cover is made from is chemical free and does not contain any dyes. Changing pad covers that contain chemicals and dyes will very likely cause your baby to develop rashes.

How Soft Is It?

How much of a soft changing pad cover do you want to get for your baby? There’s ultra soft, and then there’s less soft.

If you want super soft, choose terrycloth knit fabric. If you want less soft (but still soft enough for most babies’ liking), choose jersey knit fabric.


Obviously enough, you should look for a changing pad cover that looks good with its environment. It’s up to you how far you want to take it, though.

For example, you could choose to only get one that looks good with the changing pad it’s going to be on, or you could take it one level beyond and choose a cover that looks good with the changing table or dresser which you have the changing pad placed on.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can choose something that looks great with your overall nursery decor, too.

Do you want solid colors? A changing pad cover that’s entirely white? Something with cute animal prints all over it? There’s a plethora of options to choose from these days!

Machine Washable

Any changing pad cover you want to buy should be machine washable and super easy to clean.

If any of your baby’s pee or poop gets on the cover, a simple wash in the washing machine will ensure it gets as good as new again.

Fits In Diaper Bag

How easy is it to fit in diaper bags? Ideally, you’ll want to look for a portable changing pad that can easily fold and take up as little space in your baby bag. That way, you’ll have ample space for other items and accessories.


Changing pad covers and liners are really cheap and affordable (when compared to most other baby items and gear at least), and there’s no reason you should be overpaying for these.

Even if you choose some of the more high-end changing pad covers that are 100% organic, you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. You can (and should) still get the best changing pad covers out there for affordable prices.

How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need?

Ideally, having two changing table pad covers at your disposal is best. That’s why many parents prefer to buy changing pad cover sets that contain multiples.

If anything goes wrong with one, you know for a fact that you have a spare in the second that you could use straight away, and diaper duty will not be affected in any way.

When you have two (or more) changing pad covers, you can also be more relaxed about your laundry schedule. When one’s waiting for its turn to go into the washing machine, you know that you have another clean spare you could use!

Wrapping it Up

So, I know I’m stating the obvious here, but: diapering sucks! It sucks for you and it sucks for your baby (even if they can’t tell you that themselves right now), so they’re not enjoying this any more than you are. However, the good news is that diaper duty doesn’t have to suck that bad!

With the right gear and accessories, every last bit helps, and getting a changing pad cover is a great place to start. No one said changing diapers would be easy, but no one said it has to be messy, either!

Take advantage of the wide range of colors and designs that changing pad covers come in today, and choose something that looks beautiful with your baby’s nursery, bedding and other accessories!

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