Best Diaper Bags for Dads In 2019: When Daddy Duty Comes Calling!

Ever considered taking your wife’s packed diaper bag and going outside the house with that?

Yeah, that’s what I thought! That’s not going to work. When daddy duty comes calling, you need a men’s diaper bag instead.

It’s really simple though, because in this day and age, you shouldn’t be forced to get in touch with your feminine side just to carry your baby’s essentials in a diaper bag when outside the house.

Father changing his baby's diaper on the bed, with a diaper bag for dads by his side

Nowadays, there’s plenty of diaper bags that dads and men in general would be proud to flaunt around in public, instead of quickly trying to move from point A to point B in shame, carrying a girly tote that you think makes you look ridiculous.

If you’re looking for options that are both stylish and functional, here’s a quick look at what we believe to be some of the best diaper bags for dads.

Best Diaper Bags for Dads – a Quick Look at Our Top 8 Recommendations

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Best Diaper Bags for Dads – a More Detailed Look at Our Top 8 Recommendations

Here’s a more detailed look at our top recommendations for the best diaper bags for dads, as well as why we think each of these deserves a consideration.

Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag, Navy

Designed for the sporty parent, the Columbia Summit Rush diaper backpack is a lot of dads’ go to choice when heading outdoors for rough adventures such as hiking.

It’s made from durable material that can handle significantly more roughing around than the average diaper bag.

It has a wide mouth opening for easy access, and has a thermal bottle pocket with Therma-Flect radiant barrier, which can hold two bottles.

So, for all of you looking for extra storage space for all your baby’s drinking needs, at least significantly more space dedicated for drinking gear than you usually find in most diaper bags of today, this is an excellent choice to consider.

It has big pockets that can hold sizeable baby items such as sippy cups. In fact, you can easily fit two of your baby’s sippy cups in there. This is excellent if you’re not just looking for standard diaper bags geared more towards newborns, but are looking for something more geared towards older babies who’s needs have changed.

You can also use this as a dad’s diaper bag for cloth diapers, since it has a lot of space and can handle all your cloth diapered baby’s bulky items.

It comes with a changing mat included so you won’t have to buy one on its own, and it can be attached to a stroller, shopping cart or a high chair thanks to two snapping straps that come with it.

With all that being said, though, it’s not the most generous when it comes to multiple pockets and pouches for storage, which means it’s not the best for organization purposes.

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Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack Easy-Access Crossbody Sling

This is definitely not the largest of diaper bags for dads, but can be a perfect choice if you’re looking for smaller changing bags on purpose.

It’s perfect for those short trips where you know you’re getting back home soon enough and don’t need to pack all of your baby’s items.

Perhaps you’re just going to the grocery store for a quick buy or will only need to run a few errands before you get back home? You can rely on this bag when not packing for a full day outside the house.

So, if you need a more compact diaper bag and don’t really need larger and more spacious options out there, while still being able to store items inside comfortably, definitely give this a consideration.

It’s also one of the easiest diaper bags to clean, being made from wipe-clean material.

A huge plus is that you can wear the sling on whichever side you want, be that the left side or right side, thanks to the adjustable sling strap.

There’s also a handy outside pocket on the back for you to store your small items for easy and hassle-free access, like smartphone and keys.

It would have been a great addition had this diaper bag had an outside pocket on the front for easier access, though. As of right now, it only has an outside pocket on the back.

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Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0 Tactical Diaper Bag

If you take a look at this military-grade tactical diaper bag, it really doesn’t get any more masculine than that. There’s girly flowers, and then there’s this at the absolute opposite side of the spectrum!

It’s available in black, coyote brown, ranger green and black camo, so you have plenty of choices depending on what you like most.

All in all, it’s one of the toughest and most durable daddy diaper bags out there. Not only does it look mean, it is mean. It’s wear-resistant and it’s water-repellent, since it’s made from 600-denier tactical polyester material for some of the most demanding scenarios you could put it through.

You can also enjoy easy access to the front pocket, thanks to the “hook and loop” design.

A unique addition to it is that if you’re a male who served in the military, or you’re a female buying a diaper bag for your husband or male partner who served in the military, you can easily customize this bag by having them add their patch on to it. There’s spaces on the bag’s exterior meant for exactly this.

It’s not just military service patches you can add to it, though – you’re free to add other decorations and add-ons as well.

Two drawbacks to this choice are that it’s not the cheapest tactical diaper bag out there, nor is it the most roomy one either. If you’re taking care of twins or multiples at the same time, you might need something with more storage space for all items.

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For starters, this choice doesn’t scream “baby bag!” if you’re trying to keep it incognito. Not everyone wants to put their business out there for everyone to see, and that’s perfectly understandable!

It also gets a 10 out of 10 from us as far as making a fashion statement goes, and that’s speaking for both men and women alike.

Because it’s a multifunction diaper bag, it can be used as a shoulder bag, hand bag, or can be hung on a stroller to help keep you hands-free while you look after one (or more) troublemaker(s).

Also, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly diaper bag for men, this is it! It’s made of recycled plastic. Every one of these Paperclip diaper bags is made of vegan leather, with each bag equaling 51 recycled water bottles.

One of its strongest selling points is that it comes with a built-in changing pad (more like a mini changing station when you can’t get to your main one at home) that’s 24″ Long and 10.5″ wide. This should be more than enough to get your little one changed and good to go again when not at home.

It helps that the changing pad unsaps pretty easily, and then easily folds back again when you’re done. On top of that, whenever you need to give it a good clean because your baby caused a mess while you were changing their diaper, you can easily remove the changing station, clean it up, and then hook it back in.

This can easily take the place of a changing pad clutch if you don’t feel like buying one of those for your diapering duties. The take away is: say goodbye to those nasty public diaper station changes!

If your baby happens to have an accident when you’ve still not made your way home yet, this diaper bag comes with a moist bag you could use to store soiled diapers in until you get back home and can either dispose of them properly or put them in the diaper pail to be washed later.

All in all, it makes for a beautiful baby shower gift, and is a great choice for parents who frequently travel.

It should be stressed that it’s not the most spacious or largest of diaper bags, though, but that’s perfectly understandable. That’s how it was designed to be, after all.

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Bagitalist Baby Backpack Diaper Bag for Mom or Dad

If you’re looking for storage pockets galore in a dad’s diaper bag, this is it! There’s a whopping total of 16 pockets you could use to store all of your and your baby’s items.

It’s very suitable for twins, and not just storing one child’s items, because of the sheer number of pockets and compartments it has and how much storage room it offers.

All of that makes it very hard to beat as far as organization is concerned. You also won’t go mad because there’s plenty of pockets and compartments scattered all over the place where it doesn’t make sense to have them, since all compartments and pockets are perfectly designed right where they should be.

It also has padded shoulder straps and back padding that make it very comfortable to wear – with an emphasis on the importance of the back padding, because not many diaper bag backpacks out there have this.

The back panel is also specifically designed with airflow in mind. The way it’s designed, everything’s well ventilated and you don’t feel the heat trapped in your shoulders and back when wearing the baby diaper bag backpack for long periods of time at once.

Since it comes in a gender neutral color, it’s perfectly fine for your wife/partner or female caregiver to give it a go as well.

A quick note about the zippers on this bag: You either love using the double zipper slider on the top that gives you access to the main pouch, or you dread it. Most people love it, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Mogix SMART Baby Diaper Bag with Portable Phone Charger

If you’re looking for a hi-tech diaper bag (well, as high-tech a diaper bag can really get), this one’s for you.

It comes with a smart battery that can hold a good amount of power (a portable 10400mAh USB battery), charging cable and power port you can use wherever you are to keep your smartphone (or other smart devices) charged.

No one wants diaper duty to come calling with a dead phone – it’s a wild world out there, and one reason to panic is more than enough!

It also comes with extra items and attachments that you won’t necessarily have to buy on their own, such as a changing pad.

It has spacious storage room with 11 compartments, while managing to stay lightweight even with all of your baby’s items inside. And speaking of storage, it isn’t designed to be too deep, so it won’t feel like you have to dig in to the unknown every time you want to reach for items you’ve stored inside.

The interior is waterproof and it has water resistant and insulated pockets, which means it’s not a problem if one of your baby’s bottles happens to spill inside or you’re walking under the rain without an umbrella.

It also has a convertible strap you can use to wear it as a a shoulder or crossbody bag for multifunctional use. and is gender neutral, which means it’s perfect for both moms and dads.

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Skip Hop Dash Signature Messenger Diaper Bag, Black

If you’re specifically looking for a messenger bag to carry across your body, this might be the best choice for you.

The top handle is easy to grab, and it has an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it a great option for more than one person to use, to fit the size of different users. It comes in a gender neutral color, which means it’s a great option for both moms and dads alike.

It clips on well to strollers, in case you want to take a break from wearing it across your body for a while or need the extra helping hand. All you have to do is take off the removable shoulder strap and use the stroller buckles.

It’s made from material that’s pretty easy to clean, and is machine washable.

It should be noted, though, that no zipper is included under the flap on the main pocket to access items stored inside, which might be an inconvenience for some people.

Also, it’s not the best diaper bag as far as organization goes. It can sure hold a lot of items inside, but chances are you’ll have a difficult time keeping everything neat and organized. You can expect to spend quite a bit of time searching for your items with this bag.

If organization is a priority of yours and you’re dealing with a whole bunch of wipes, diapers, baby bottles, sets of clothes, blankets and so on, we suggest having a look at the Bagitalist baby diaper bag.

Lastly, if you’re not into messenger bags all that much, then move on and look for other options, as this bag is obviously not for you.

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LA Police Gear Jumbo Bail Out Bag -Diaper Bag, Bug Out, Briefcase

If you’re specifically looking for a briefcase like bag, this might be the perfect choice for you. It doesn’t get any more “macho” or “professional” than this!

The designers didn’t overdo it with the “tactical” look and feel, though, which is something that puts off many dads when it comes to other diaper bags. With other tactical diaper bags, you might feel it has a bit too much military look and feel to it for your liking.

This choice doesn’t just have to be used as a diaper bag, too. In fact, many dads put this Jumbo version to other uses besides daddy diaper duty, such as using it as a laptop bag or primary duty bag.

There’s plenty of room inside to fit in not just your baby’s stuff, but plenty of your own items as well. Also, there’s enough storage space for the items of not just one kid, but two kids at the same time.

It’s pretty affordable when compared to other changing bags with a similar style and storage space, and it’s pretty durable and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break down when carrying heavy loads.

Two potential drawbacks to note about this bag, though, are that it doesn’t have the strongest of zippers, and it’s not the best of diaper bags if you’re really planning to stuff as many items inside as possible.

It can sure hold its ground well, don’t get me wrong, but it won’t feel as comfortable or balanced to wear anymore if you really over-do it with storing a whole bunch of items inside.

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Do I Really Need A Diaper Bag For Dads?

So, do you really need to get a diaper bag for dads? Won’t just any old bag you have lying around the house get the job done just fine?

Been there, asked myself that question a million times – especially when I have countless of grocery bags that aren’t being put to much better use, and a few old backpacks I’ve stopped using ages ago (but are still in good condition) – but the answer is always a huge NO!

A men’s diaper bag will make your life so much easier when you’re trying to reach for those baby wipes, that pacifier or that brand new diaper in the midst of all the chaos.

It’s what diaper bags are meant to do, give you peace of mind by keeping your baby’s items as organized as possible so you can reach for them in an instant and grab whatever you want, knowing exactly where it’s going to be.

On the other hand, if you were to head out of the house with your baby’s items packed in just about any grocery bag or backpack you have lying around the house, good luck finding what you need in the midst of all the chaos.

Been there, tried that and it always, always, always ends up being a stressful feat I regret putting myself through later on.

What Should I Look For In Diaper Bags For Dads?

Before you get any diaper bag you can find, the following section discusses some of the most important features you should look for in diaper bags for dads, and the criteria they should meet.

Enough Storage Space

Having enough storage space is possibly the most important feature in any diaper bag you can get.

When looking for a men’s diaper bag, you’re not just looking to get something with adequate storage space for your baby’s items, but you also want something that has enough space for you to store some of your item’s after you’re done putting baby’s stuff in there.

So, after you’re done packing baby’s extra set of new clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifier, toys, bottle and so on, there should also be enough space for you to pack some of your stuff as well, such as your keys, phone and wallet.

If a diaper bag doesn’t have enough space for you to fit all these things (and more) inside comfortably without cramming them all together, then it’s not the best choice, and you should look for something more spacious.

Look for diaper bags that have strong stitching and durable zippers, which makes it easy to access whenever you want to grab anything from the bag, and means durability over the long run.

Enough Storage Pockets

Speaking of adequate storage space, any diaper bag for dads you choose should have enough internal and external pockets to help you keep everything neatly organized and within easy reach.

Some stuff that you need instant access to you’ll want to store in the external pockets, while other items you might not need as much you’ll want to store in internal pockets.

Again, this is true for both your baby’s items (such as pacifiers and baby bottles), and your items that you’ll preferably want to store in front pockets (such as keys and your phone).

Also, and fore purposes of storing your baby’s bottles, it’s best if you get diaper bags with more than one insulated bottle pocket.


Sure, we’re men and we don’t have to worry as much as women do when it comes to how much weight we’re carrying on our shoulders in baby items, but the keyword here is as much.

We’re still carrying a bunch of items, and it can get uncomfortable real quick. So, look for changing bags that make it as comfortable as possible for you to wear for any period of time.

The best diaper bags for dads should have adjustable straps you can maneuver around to your liking, as well as high quality padding so the straps don’t dig into your shoulders.

Easy to Clean

I know it’s not our strongest skill, so the best diaper bags for dads are the easiest ones to clean. Ideally, look for one that can be wiped clean in no time whenever messes happen. Usually, fabric is best as far as easy to clean goes.


If you’re not planning to have your wife use this when she heads out the house with baby in tow, you’re free to get something that looks as manly as macho gets!

In this day and age, you should have no problem whatsoever finding an option that speaks to your style and has you feeling proud wearing it in public, while also meeting all of the other criteria mentioned above.

In short, try to look for something that comes in strong solid colors, without the feminine designs that you most probably don’t want.

I think I speak for all dads here when I say we aren’t looking to walk around with a diaper bag that has flowers or Dora the Explorer all over it!

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