Best Diaper Bags For Twins in 2019: Suitable for Double the Trouble!

It’s challenging enough looking for baby gear that’s suitable for one child at a time, so how exactly do you approach searching for the best diaper bags for twins?

Everything’s going to become double the trouble!

You’re going to need to pack two of almost every item in a diaper bag for twins, you’re going to need almost double the space inside, and you’re going to need something that makes it super easy for you to stay organized when out with two little munchkins.

That last point is super important, considering the fact that you’re already trying to keep the sky from falling down with two little troublemakers (and not just one) in tow, and you don’t have the luxury of taking all the time you need to look for an item you could have sworn you packed in there just before heading out the house.

Woman wearing a wool sweater and jeans carrying a red diaper bag for twins, with two baby bottles on each side pocket

Thankfully, shopping for a diaper bag for twins doesn’t have to be anywhere near as difficult as it is to take care of two little troublemakers! Well, once you know what you need to look for, that is – and that’s exactly why we’ve put this guide together!

First things first, have a quick look at this list of what we believe to be some of the best diaper bags for twins.

Best Diaper Bags for Twins – a Quick Look at Our Top 4 Recommendations

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Best Diaper Bags for Twins – a More Detailed Look at Our Top 4 Recommendations

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at what we believe to be some of the best diaper bags for twin babies in today’s market, as well as discuss the pros and cons of each of these choices.

Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag Tote

For starters, this is one of the only (if not the only) stroller bag designed for a double (side-by-side) stroller. This bag won’t work with a single stroller, though, as it was specifically designed to work on double strollers only.

It has patented Shuttle Clips that let you easily attach the diaper bag to the handlebars of your double stroller, and you can carry it any way you wish between a diaper bag tote and a messenger bag. It would have been nice to have shoulder straps, though.

There’s a whopping total of 16 pockets available for you to store your items and your twins’ items in, which include two side bottle pockets, a front zippered personal pocket and a cell phone compartment with non-scratch lining.

Even if you don’t have multiples at the time but just need to over-pack your diaper bag and make sure you have enough space for all your baby’s items and yours, this is an awesome choice for over-packers. Pack away all you want, it’s not going to feel bulky anytime soon nor is it going to look humongous and ugly!

Seriously, the amount of items this thing can hold is insane. Not just your diapering essentials, but other stuff such as new outfits, nasal aspirators, coloring books, sunglasses for both you and your baby, etc ..

With that being said, despite how big it is and how many items you can store inside, it’s still pretty easy to stay organized.

Unlike other diaper bags that can barely hold in your twins’ items and are very short on space, it won’t feel like you’re digging down to the unknown every time you try to find an item.

The three large pockets on the front have magnetic snaps you can use to secure them tightly when closed, and the mommy pocket that’s on the front of the bag and placed next to the main zipper on the top is there for your convenience so you can easily have your keys, wallet or other personal items in there.

This is especially an exceptional bag to carry if you’re cloth diapering your twins, since there’s lots of other items you’ll need to carry when compared to using disposable diapers.

Design wise, it’s not only suitable for moms, it’s also the perfect color and style for dads to use it, too. It’s available in Heather Gray and Chevron, with the latter being more fashionable if you ask me!

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ALLCAMP Zebra Large Diaper Bag

This diaper bag that comes with 2 stroller straps is an excellent convertible choice. You can easily convert it from a cross body messenger or an over the shoulder tote to a backpack diaper bag.

It also offers excellent organization. You get 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets, 2 exteriors, 3 insulate bottle pockets and a mommy pocket. So, there’s plenty of space to use inside the bag!

Besides offering ample storage space, this is also one of the most affordable diaper bags for twins out there. If you’re running away from some of the ridiculous price tags on other diaper bags for twins, this might be a great choice for you.

It has a very comparable number of compartments to other diaper bags that cost way more. Specifically speaking, this is a much more affordable option if you like the JuJuBe BFF and want to get that, but can’t really justify the price tag on it.

It’s arguably even larger and more roomy when compared to the BFF if you were to put them side by side and run a comparison that way, too.

With all that being said, the JuJuBe BFF arguably lasts longer and is made from more premium material. This bag is still made from excellent water and stain resistant fabric, though.

It’s designed to open all the way around, which makes for very easy access when compared to other diaper bags, and it can be unzipped with just one hand – you don’t need both hands. This is a huge advantage over other bags such as the one from Skip Hop where you need both hands to open.

Being machine washable, if it ever gets dirty and needs a good cleaning, just pop it into the washing machine and let it do its thing.

It’s available in colors of a mix between blue and white, as well as a Zebra pattern design that’s super fashionable and trendy.

There’s insulated bottle holders inside the bag, and there’s a container for wipes at the side, but I wish it was made to hold more. The way it is right now, it can be somewhat limiting for parents with twin babies.

It also would have made for easier access had there been no magnetic flap over the mommy compartment where you can store your own little items.

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KEHO Huge Ultimate Mom Diaper Bag

If you’re looking for all the space you can possibly get, consider this extra large diaper bag. In fact, it might be the most spacious bag on this list, being able to hold all the essentials that might come to mind, and then some.

Not only is it way too spacious, it’s also one of the most stylish diaper bags for twins out there. So, this can make for an awesome gift for a baby shower.

There’s 5 pockets available that offer heaps of storage space, especially thanks to all the hidden compartments you can make use of.

When not actively being used, it’s super easy to fold and store away in your closet or drawer.

I also love that it has some of the best and most comfortable rope handles. Your hands will still feel comfortable even after holding this bag for long periods of time at once.

You only need to make sure you don’t overload and overpack the bag, because that might make it uncomfortable to carry due to the rope handles.

This is not even close to being a dealbreaker if you still need to overload and overpack it, though, since with a little bit of a DIY project, you can easily wrap the ropes with other material (such as a scarf) to make it more comfortable to carry.

This waterproof XXL diaper bag comes in 3 beautiful colors of blue, grey and pink. So, there’s great choices for both moms and dads alike.

Oh and you don’t just have to use it as a diaper bag only, you can easily use it as a hospital bag, too. It really does have that much storage space to offer!

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Filberry Messenger Diaper Bag for Dads & Moms

For all the dads (or soon to be) out there looking for a dad’s diaper bag for twins, you’ve found it!

This is a large sized messenger bag with lots of smart storage space to offer with so many pockets at your disposal.

Make no mistake about it, it’s not just a diaper bag for men, though. Your wife/partner or female caregiver can also use it perfectly fine as well. It’s dark grey, which makes it neutral and unisex.

The top zipper is probably the most impressive feature this bag has to offer. It gives you easy access to the main compartment, since you don’t have to lift the flap to get access inside. All you need to do is unzip at the top, and you’ll get instant access to all the pockets inside.

As for storage space, there’s plenty of that for your to use, since it comes with 11 pockets available.

You also get a huge changing pad that’s well padded for your baby’s comfort and is easy to wipe clean in case accidents happen, which is perfect when you’re changing twins and need all the extra space you can get.

The shoulder strap is well padded, which makes it comfortable for you to carry around even for prolonged periods of time at once.

If you happen to be cloth diapering your twins, this could be just the bag you need. It has a zippered pouch you could use to store your baby’s soiled diapers until you get back home and can store them properly until it’s time to do laundry.

The zippered pouch helps keep your soiled cloth diapers in a safe place away from other items so things don’t get messy, and also helps keep the stinky odors at bay!

For dads, you don’t just have to use it as a diaper bag, you can also use it as a briefcase for work if you’d like to. The compartments are really huge!

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Do I Really Need A Special Diaper Bag For Twins?

Is there anything such as a diaper bag specifically designed for twins? Well, not really.

When caring for twins (or more),you can use just about any diaper bag you have or know of, but you have to make sure it has more than enough space and room inside to hold both baby’s items.

Don’t underestimate how much space you’ll need in a diaper bag for twin babies! We’re talking about items such as double the clothes, double the diapers, double the baby bottles or sippy cups, double the snacks, double the burp cloths, double the toys, and the list goes on and on!

That’s the name of the game when looking for a diaper bag suitable for twins. Get this part right, and you’re more than halfway there.

What Should I Look For In A Diaper Bags For Twins?

Besides something that has a whole lot of extra space for you to pack everything you need for two little buddies, let’s have a look at some of the most important features and criteria you should look for in the best diaper bags for twins.

Adequate Space

First things first, probably the most important thing you should look for in the best diaper bags for twins is enough space for all the items you’ll want to have stored inside.

Remember that with diaper bags for twins, you’re not carrying items for just one baby in mind, but items for two.

So, any diaper bag you choose should have enough storage space for both your baby’s items.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to have adequate storage space in there for any essentials you also need to pack along for yourself, too.

Obviously enough, though, you don’t want to get a diaper bag that’s too big for your needs and has way too much extra space that you’ll never make full use of, as that’s going to be both a waste of money and a hassle to carry around.

Comfortable & Easy to Carry

The second most important criteria to judge a diaper bag for twins (at least that’s what I think is the second most important criteria right after having adequate storage space) is how comfortable and easy it is to carry around.

Again, given the fact that you’re going to be packing double of almost all your baby’s items inside, that’s going to be a whole lot of extra weight you’re carrying than what you’re used to with just one child.

So, with all that extra carrying weight, any diaper bag for twins you choose should leave you feeling as comfortable as possible wearing it over your shoulder.


Speaking about easy to carry, the diaper bag in and of itself should be lightweight.

A heavy duty diaper bag might not be the best of ideas with all the extra weight of the items you’ll be packing inside for your twins’ needs.

High Quality and Durable

Speaking of packing double the items and holding in double the weight, all of this is going to take a toll on the diaper bag, way more than when you’re just packing items for one baby.

So, whatever diaper bag you plan to get for your twins, make sure that it’s made from the highest quality of materials so that it proves to be worthy of the money you spent on it and lasts you a long while before wear and tear gets to it and you end up having to look for a replacement.

For starters, the bag should have excellent stitching to hold up and stand the test of time, and the handles should be strong enough to handle the extra weight of the items in the bag without snapping and breaking apart.

That’s one of the main reasons why parents often choose to spend more money on a diaper bag upfront, since this most often means that the bag will last for a longer time, and a replacement won’t be needed anytime soon.

Stroller Attachment

Getting a diaper bag that comes with a stroller attachment where you can hook the two together and stay hands-free is super important.

Even if you never put this feature to use, it’s still super important to have, even if only for the one (or few times) you might find yourself forced to use it.


Having enough internal and external pockets in a diaper bag for a single child is important enough for organization purposes, so you can imagine how more important it is for a diaper bag for twins to have pockets galore!

Seriously, there’s all sorts of little baby items you’ll need to store in there – wipes, toys, baby bottles, snacks or homemade baby food you take along with you, etc … You name it, there’s a chance you’ll need a storage pocket for it to keep everything organized!

And trust me when I say this, having to dig through to the bottom of the diaper bag whenever you need an item with twins in tow is NOT fun!

Also, make sure that the pockets have adequate storage space themselves. There’s no use if a diaper bag for twin babies has a whole lot of pockets inside, only to later find out that these pockets are small and can barely hold in what you had planned for them.


It goes without saying that you should get a diaper bag that you would actually feel comfortable touting around in public.

With the sheer number of different options and diaper bag designers of today, there’s really no reason whatsoever to get a diaper bag for twins that doesn’t speak your style.

There’s a color scheme and design for everybody out there, so look for one that you’ll love to rock, and rock it!

Keep in mind that if your husband or partner is also going to be using the same diaper bag when heading outside the house, then you should really get something that both of you like to wear.

If you can’t agree on a color scheme and design you both like, though, then you should probably just get separate diaper bags to use on your own (assuming you can afford to, of course).

Easy to Clean

Same old, same old – just like what you’d look for in any diaper bag for a single child, really. Look for one that’s super easy to clean!

Look for diaper bags that can be easily wiped down from the outside for an easy clean.

Also, the diaper bag for twins you end up choosing should ideally be machine washable. Just pop it into the machine washer, let it do its thing and attend to other stuff you have to get done!

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