Best Diaper Bags in 2019: Ample Storage, Comfortable & Fashionable!

Putting together your baby registry? A diaper bag is a must have! I know I had plenty of fun picking a changing bag when I was preparing my registry, going through all the different choices, types, styles and designs available to me.

When on diaper duty, probably the most important piece of baby gear you won’t want to leave the house without is a diaper bag.

They’re a home for diapers, wipes, baby bottles, snacks, toys, books, blankets, as well as your own little items and necessities, so you can focus on the important stuff when your family’s on the road.

Baby diapers, bottle, pacifier and other items placed inside a diaper bag

Make no mistake about it, even if you’re going out for a brief outing, you’re still going to need all these items on stand-by. Don’t forget to take any of these essentials with you, or be ready for possible meltdowns!

Say goodbye to the days of checking tasks off your to-do list away from home with a pocketed wallet or tiny wristlet!

Best Diaper Bags – a Quick Look at Our Top 7 Recommendations

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Best Diaper Bags – a More Detailed Look at Our Top 7 Recommendations

Let’s have a more detailed look at what we believe are the best diaper bags today, and what’s so special about them that makes them worth considering.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

The Skip Hop changing bag backpack is made from some of the highest quality luxury vegan leather that not only looks fantastic, but easily wipes clean too.

It’s super stylish, and the vegan leather is also very sturdy and lasts a long time to come.

When folded, the dimensions are 8 x 12 inches, and when unfolded, the pad is 23.5 x 12 inches in dimensions.

You can use it in more ways than one. It has stroller straps that allow you to wear it as a backpack, cross-body messenger diaper bag or attach it to your stroller, which makes it the ultimate hands-free diaper bag.

It has a large zippered pocket (main compartment) and front and side zip pockets, and is very spacious inside, with the dimensions being 18″x6.5″x14.5″. There’s also 2 insulated bottle pockets on the outside for you to store your baby’s bottles.

To give you an idea of how big the storage space of this diaper bag is, you can easily fit in a laptop in there.

It also includes a machine washable cushioned changing pad so that you don’t have to buy one on your own and you’re always ready for diaper changes on the go.

With that being said, the changing pad allocated storage space can be a bit tricky, since it’s at the back pocket of the bag. For some people, this might make it annoying to take the pad out and put it back in. This can especially be annoying when you don’t have much time and you’re changing your baby’s diapers on the go.

Also, the changing pad that comes with this diaper bag isn’t exactly the greatest. It tends to soak up your baby’s accidents, and it’s not wipeable. You’ll likely want to buy a new one on its own.

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Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps

Made from high-quality water resistant twill polyester, the seams and the fabric on this travel diaper bag backpack are both top notch.

In fact, it’s one of the most durable diaper bags out there. It’s made from non-fraying stitching and has strong zippers that won’t break if you treat them gently.

Do your part in taking good care of it, and you should have a diaper bag backpack that lasts for years and multiple babies to come. If you’re careful with it, you should still see no tears or rips even after a year of use.

Also, diapers galore! There’s 14 pockets all in all. With all these pockets and all this storage space, it feels like you can easily fit two diaper bags into one, and then still have some storage space left. All these pockets make for extraordinary organization, too.

There’s also a side pocket you can use to store wipes, which makes on-the-go diaper changes easier.

You get a portable changing pad to use with it, and you’re backed with a lifetime warranty, something Bag Nation prides itself with.

As far as comfort goes, the straps are properly padded, which makes it very comfortable to carry.

One thing I particularly love about this travel backpack is how great it is for travel purposes. If you’re looking for a diaper bag to take on with you for flights, this is it! It makes for a super easy carry on, and you can easily fit it under your seat in the plane.

With all that being said, a potential drawback to it is that if you’re looking for a changing bag that makes a strong fashion statement, this probably isn’t it. You can find much more “prettier” options out there on the market today.

However, if you don’t really care about looks and prioritize functionality instead, or you purposefully want something that looks simpler than all the other “trendy” baby bags of today, then this is an excellent choice to consider.

It’s not only perfect for moms, but perfect for dads/husbands too.

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Freshly Picked – Convertible Classic Diaper Bag Backpack

For those of you looking for a luxury bag, the creme de la creme, you’ve found it!

It really doesn’t get any more luxury than this. It’s made with premium quality vegan leather, durable materials, luxe hardware and premium-quality YKK zippers with custom tassel.

And if you’ve had an unpleasant experience with luxury diaper bags before because of how heavy they felt, you’ll love that this is one of the most lightweight luxury diaper bags you’ll ever come across.

Speaking about luxury, if your baby causes a mess, you don’t have to worry about nasty stains damaging the piece of art you spent a good chunk of money on. This diaper bag is made from premium wipeable and stain-resistant nylon interior and exterior lining, and it’s spill-resistant in case any of your baby’s bottles leak inside.

There’s a total of 10 pockets: 6 interior pockets and 4 exterior pockets. If you need even more storage space, the sides have metal snaps that you can open to expand the bag and have more storage capacity to work with as well.

With that being said, there’s no insulated pockets to it, so that might be an inconvenience for some parents regarding baby bottles and all that.

One thing I particularly love about this bag is that there’s no reason for you to worry about it falling down when you place it upright. The metal base, padded base and structure of the bag all help keep it upright while holding all your stuff, and prevent it from falling over.

You don’t want that premium quality vegan leather touching the ground, that’s for sure!

Obviously enough, because of how stylish it looks and how luxurious it is, you’re not just stuck with using it as your diaper bag! You can also use it as a purse for outings, too.

Speaking about luxury diaper bags, though if you’re on a tight budget and are trying to save every penny you possibly can when taking care of your baby, then this is obviously not the right choice for you. There’s lots of other way more affordable diaper bags you can choose, and this is a luxury choice you should only spend on if you can afford to.

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PacaPod Saunton Designer Baby Diaper Bag Luxury Faux Leather Tote

This luxury tote designer convertible diaper bag is a 3 in 1 organizing system, since it contains a feeder pod, changing pod, changing mat and pram clips.

The pods make it super easy to stay organized, and the changing pad has plenty of pockets designed to help keep you organized and make your diaper changing days as easy as possible by keeping everything within close reach as soon as you need it.

There’s a completely insulated feeder pod that can hold up to 4 of your baby’s bottles at a time, and you can rely on this insulated feeder pod to keep your baby’s bottle contents warm for up to 3 hours.

Be careful not to over-do it with packing items in the pods, though, as the bag can get too bulky because of this and you’ll run the risk of breaking the zipper.

You can choose to wear it as a messenger style bag, or if you simply adjust the strap a bit you can wear it as a diaper backpack to keep your hands free for other important tasks.

Take good care of it and expect to get compliments about how good it still looks and how the leather is still as good as new even a year from when you first use it.

It’s a really big bag with ample storage space, and that tan color is something else!

Unfortunately, one drawback is that the backpack straps are attached to the bag itself and do not detach, which is a feature you can find in other diaper bags. With that being said, you can still shorten or lengthen the straps to your liking, though.

Last but not least, and similar to our recommendation above, this is probably not the best choice for people on a tight budget.

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mommore Diaper Bag

If you’re trying to strike a balance between fashionable and affordable diaper bags, this is the right choice!

You’re not paying a staggering amount of money for one of those luxury and designer diaper bags, but you’re still getting something that looks stylish and fabulous.

It’s actually perfect if you’re trying to keep your changing bag undercover and get people to mistake it with being your purse, or if you’re just sick and tired of wearing diaper backpacks!

Regarding colors, you can choose from black, grey and pink.

This large, fashionable diaper tote bag made from water resistant oxford fabric is ridiculously easy to wipe clean.

It’s not the most generous when it comes to pockets, though, but it’s still spacious enough with 10 pockets in the main compartment and 2 side pockets you can store your baby’s bottles in. If you need something with more pockets, other baby bags offer 15 and 16 pockets all in all.

All in all, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a diaper bag for only one child and want to store the basics such as diapers, wipes, toys, a new set of clean clothing, and a few snacks.

If you’re looking for a diaper bag for two children, you’ll likely need something more spacious. You could manage to fit in everything for 2 babies inside, but it might get a bit too bulky for your liking.

There’s 2 hidden stroller hooks you can use to attach the bag to your baby’s stroller and stay hands-free, and the clasps on the stroller straps feel like they’re heavy duty.

The YKK zippers are durable and make for easy opening and closing, too.

There’s 4 trunk nails (i.e feet) on the bottom of the bag that do a great job at preventing it from touching the floor. This ensure’s there’s less friction and less wear and tear as a result, and ensures your bag stays clean.

One thing to note is that if you’re looking for something to carry as a messenger bag, this isn’t the perfect choice for you. It doesn’t come with a messenger strap you can use to wear it as a messenger bag, unfortunately.

In short, if you want to keep it simple yet classy and stylish, then this is the choice for you! Sure, it’s not a designer bag and not a brand name, but it’s an inexpensive and super stylish tote!

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reisenthel Compact Diaper Bag Babycase

If you’re looking for a compact diaper bag, it doesn’t get any more compact than this! This portable folding case is perfect for parents who are always on-the-go.

For when you know you’ll be getting back home quickly, such as when you’re out for a quick trip to the park or walk around the block, it’s perfect!

It’s small and compact, with the measurements being 9-1/2-inches wide by 6-inches high by 4-inches deep.

It offers a unique perspective, too. You can think of it (and use it) as an organizer for your baby’s diaper bag, instead of being your main diaper bag. Fill it up, throw it in your main diaper bag, and head out the house!

You can also easily move it around between your purse, diaper bag, suitcases when traveling, etc ..

The reisenthel Babycase is an excellent choice if you’re trying to keep it minimal and only want to take the absolute bare essentials with you, such as baby wipes, diapers, creams and pacifiers.

It has an exterior carrying strap that’s easy to hold, and has a main compartment that contains one slip pocket, two zippered pouches and two elastic bands.

It must be said, though, that you could get something more spacious and not as compact for a similar price tag. If you’re looking for a compact diaper bag like this on purpose, then you’ve got a great choice! Otherwise, it’s arguably a bit pricey for what you’re getting.

To be fair to it, though, it can sure hold a good amount of items inside for something its size!

It’s available in black, mint, navy, pink, and rose colors.

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Columbia Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag

If you want a changing bag you can take with you to outdoors activities, this is a great choice. It’s a very suitable option for the sporty parent.

For these purposes, you’ll need easy access to the main compartment, which is exactly what you get with this diaper bag, thanks to its wide mouth opening.

It has a padded back and adjustable backpack straps with breathable mesh panels to keep you comfortable as well, even when wearing it for lengthy periods of time at once.

It has stroller attachment clips you can use to stay hands-free, and is an excellent choice for both moms and dads to wear.

Since it’s a sporty diaper backpack, it’s only normal for you to worry about odors. However, this diaper bag backpack has Microban antimicrobial protection technology, which prevents the uncontrolled growth of bacteria on the interior lining.

With that being said, and even though it has Microban protection, this doesn’t mean that you won’t need to wash and clean it on a regular basis, though. Best practices still apply to this bag!

If you’ll be outdoors for a long period of time before you get back home, you can fit a lot of your baby’s stuff inside. It’s not like one of those mini or compact diaper bags you have to carefully choose what to store in. On the contrary, there’s ample storage space inside, even for two babies!

Also, when outdoors and under the sun, you should normally worry about your baby’s bottles and snacks getting warm because of all the heat they’re getting subjected to.

With this bag, that’s not the case, since it has a Therma-Flect radiant barrier that works to reflect heat away instead of absorbing it, which keeps your baby’s food, snacks and bottles in the bag all nice and cool.

It’s made from durable material, so even if you treat it rough when outdoors (hiking maybe?) and it gets into a few nasty falls, it should hang in there pretty fine and should keep your stuff intact.

With that being said, please do take care of it and don’t test its durability just for the sake of testing! That’s only bound to damage it sooner than later.

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What Should I Look For In A Diaper Bag?

Before you pick a diaper bag that’s going to be your close companion for the next couple of years, here’s a list of some important considerations to make and features to look for first.


It’s essential that you get a diaper bag that has enough space for you to pack all the items you want inside – important stuff like new baby diapers, wipes, a clean set of clothes, baby bottles, toys, snacks, and so on.

You should also have enough space inside to pack some of your own items, such as a hand sanitizer.

If you’re having twins or know that you’re going to be adding another little munchkin to the family shortly after giving birth to this one, then plan ahead and get a diaper bag that has storage space for two babies, and more than one baby’s items at once.


After you make sure that the changing bag you’re considering getting is spacious enough for your diapering duty needs, make sure it has as much pockets as possible, as this is going to go a long way in helping you keep everything organized.

Besides regular pockets you can use to store your little one’s items (or some of your own), look for diaper bags that have special insulated pockets to store your baby’s bottles if you plan on bottle feeding, and waterproof pockets you can use to store your baby’s soiled diapers or dirty burp cloths.

You also need pockets that are easy to access whenever you want to grab any items stored inside, without feeling like you want to rip the bag apart to find what you need.

Organized Compartments

For the sake of staying organized and knowing exactly where to reach for whenever you want to grab any item in your diaper bag, it should have enough compartments.

That way, you can make each of these compartments your “go-to” section for specific items.


Since there’s a good chance you’re going to be taking your diaper bag with you outside the house on most days of the week for the foreseeable future, it’s important to choose one that speaks to your style.

You’ll be toting it around everywhere you go throughout the toddler years, so get something you feel confident carrying!

If your husband is also going to use this diaper bag, it might be a good idea to get a gender neutral design and color so you’re both comfortable carrying it outside the house.

Stroller Straps

Look for diaper bags with stroller straps that allow you to attach your bag to the stroller’s handlebar, so you don’t have to carry it.

If you’re taking care of twins, look for diaper bags that are specifically designed for double strollers.

If your diaper bag doesn’t have a stroller attachment and you want to stay hands-free for a while, you’ll have to put it in the stroller’s storage basket, which obviously isn’t the most practical thing to do.

Changing Pad

No diaper changing station is ever complete without a baby changing mat (read more about changing table essentials here), and you certainly need a changing pad if you’re outside the house with your baby.

Some of the best diaper bags of today come with changing pads so that you don’t have to buy them on their own.

Easy to Clean

Take it from me and my own personal experience: Get a diaper bag that’s easy to clean!

Look for ones that are machine washable, or can at least be wiped down in as little time as possible. Messes are bound to happen, so be well prepared!


It’s also very important to pay attention to what material the diaper bag you’re considering buying is made from. Look for:

  • Durable fabric that won’t start tearing apart everywhere in a matter of a few months.
  • Heavy duty straps that can withstand the extra weight if you overpack your changing bag.
  • Fabric that’s easy to clean in case any accidents were to happen (as discussed above).
  • Waterproof properties that will keep your bag protected from the rain or any spills that happen.
  • Waterproof lining to protect the inside of your diaper bag from everything wet you’ll need to store inside until you get back home, such as wet clothes and wet diapers. Also these waterproof linings protect the inside of your diaper bag and all the items stored in there from any leaks that might happen from your baby’s bottles.
  • Comfortable straps that don’t start annoying you after a short period of time wearing the bag outside the house.


Just because you’re trying to get the absolute best diaper bag you can find does not mean that you have to break the bank for it.

Sure, you can get a designer diaper bag that costs a few hundred dollars, and that’s perfectly fine if you have the budget for it and actually want to do so for personal satisfaction.

However, that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and you can find top quality diaper bags out there that are still affordable.

That’s not to say that you should go out there and look for the cheapest diaper bag you can find, either, as that’s not likely to last you a whole while until you need to get a replacement diaper bag because it’s all torn.

Always remember that you get what you pay for! Strive to get something that’s both top quality and affordable – there’s plenty of those!

What Different Types of Baby Bags Are There?

Diaper bags are available in several different types and forms. The following section will help you determine which of these types is best for you.

Diaper Backpacks

If you’re looking to stay hands-free when carrying your baby’s items outside the house, a diaper backpack might be the perfect solution for you, especially if it’s going to be a while before you get back home.

Backpack style diaper bags are especially fan favorites for city parents who walk down busy streets pushing a baby stroller, who absolutely need to have their hands free.


If it’s a purse-style changing bag you’re after, it doesn’t get any closer to that than tote diaper bags!

If you’re mainly searching for designer bags that speak fashion and resemble purses instead of traditional diaper bags then a tote is an excellent choice to consider.

Messenger Bags

Just like diaper backpacks, messenger bags can be great if you’re going to carry your baby’s items for a long time.

Messenger bags come with a strap you wear across your body.

Convertible Bags

If you want to use all the different types of diaper bags out there, a convertible bag might be just what you need.

Convertible bags come with adjustable straps you can work with to turn it into a diaper backpack, tote or messenger bag.

How Many Diaper Bags Do I Need?

For many parents, it’s a good idea to have more than one diaper bag at your disposal.

It’s not that different from having different handbags for different purposes, really.

For example, you might want to take a smaller sized diaper bag with you if you’re not going to be out of the house for long.

On the other hand, if you know that you’re going for a long trip before you get back home, you’ll want to grab the larger sized diaper bag you have and fill that with all of your baby’s items.

Wrapping it Up

So, the next time you’re heading out of the house with a baby in tow, be prepared for all the tough tasks to come by toting a diaper bag filled with the essentials they need.

Before you get a diaper bag, just make sure you plan things beforehand and know who’s going to wear it outside the house.

If you, your husband/partner and caregiver are all going to use the same diaper bag, it’s best to get one that all parties will feel comfortable wearing in public.

As long as it’s comfortable, functional and makes trips out of the house with kids in tow easier, it’s a job well done!

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