Best Pull Up Diapers in 2020: Super Necessary for Potty Training!

If you’re a new parent to your first ever baby, you’re in for the surprise of your life once you find out how much diapers cost over the long run!

Even if you decide to cloth diaper, you still have to collect a stash and then figure out a way to keep them all clean. If you’re using disposables, you can probably sniff out the best sales, assuming your child isn’t sensitive to any particular brands.

mother adjusting pull up diapers on her toddler

Once your child is potty trained, you can heave a great sigh of relief and start saving all the money that you used to spend.

For some kids, potty training is a breeze! A few days of trying and things will suddenly click. For other children, you might need to devote much more time and patience.

Best Pull Up Diapers – a Quick Look at Our Top 6 Recommendations

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Best Pull Up Diapers – a More Detailed Look at Our Top 6 Recommendations

Here’s a more detailed look at what we believe to be the 6 top pull up diapers of today:

Babyfriend Baby Boys’ Baby Training Pants

These diapers are made from 100% cotton that’s very soft and durable, have a middle waterproof cotton interlining, and have a gentle elastic at the waist to ensure your baby’s comfort.

You get 5 training pants in each pack, and each diaper can be washed and reused multiple times.

If you’re looking for something that’ll help your little one make the transition from wearing pants to wearing underwear, training pants to use around the house as an integral part of your potty training routine, then these are excellent to consider.

One thing to note is that because these toddler training pants are made from cotton, they will get (and feel) wet if your baby pees.

Think of these training pants as cotton underwear that has some extra padding to it in order to absorb pee. With that being said, they won’t be able to hold a whole lot of urine, and will end up dripping out. However, if your child only sends a little bit of pee their way, then their clothes will remain dry.

If you were looking for something to hold in pee like a regular pull up diaper, though, then it’s best that you move on to other options, since that’s not really what these training pants were designed for.

They’re designed to hold in a small amount of urine that’s enough to let your kid know they’re wet without causing a huge mess all over the floor.

Aesthetically, they’re some of the cutest training pants you’ll come across today. They’re also great because they give your little guy (or gal) different options to choose which they want to wear for the time-being. Involving them in the process gets them excited and goes a long way in making sure potty training is a success!

If your little one loathes wearing rubber training pants because they don’t feel comfortable or feel a bit too tight, these Babyfriend pants can be a perfect alternative.

They’re just the right fit – tight enough around the legs to ensure that any messes remain inside, but not too tight to make babies feel uncomfortable.

So, all in all, if you’re looking for the perfect transition to wearing underwear (instead of a pull-up replacement), I think these are definitely the way to go!

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Pull-Ups Learning Designs for Girls Potty Training Pants

These are disposable girls training pants that fit like cotton underwear, and offer adequate leak protection for both day and night usage.

They come in exclusive Disney graphics featuring Minnie Mouse & Jessie and Bullseye, graphics that fade when wet.

In each pack of pull-ups for girls, you’ll get two designs for your little princess that will set her on the right track in her potty training journey.

It’s very important to note (well, not to you and me!) that there’s also different designs in the mix in there, and it’s not all Minnie designs.

The last thing you’ll want to have on your hands is a little girl that cries a lot and refuses to wear her pants because all she wants is Minnie! I know for a fact how much my little girl loves her Minnie Mouse, so I’m speaking from experience here!

Just like the boy’s version discussed above, this girl’s version is also easy to pull up, pull down or take off entirely.

Absorbency is also on point as well, and your little girl can sleep in it through the night without needing a change or wetting her bed. With that being said, refer to the Night-Time version we talk about below if you know you need the extra absorbency.

One thing to note is that you might need to order a larger size for your daughter than what she’s used to wearing from other brands (such as Huggies Little Movers), as she might find it to be a bit too tight.

One size up from what she’s used to wearing usually solves the problem (should there be a problem in the first place in your case), so be sure about this before you stock up on these.

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Pull-Ups Learning Designs Potty Training Pants for Boys

These pull-ups from Huggies come in exclusive Disney graphics, with graphics (which fade when wet) representing the likes of Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story.

(I know 9 boys out of 10 would want the Mickey Mouse character only, but unfortunately that’s not the case!)

In each pack of underwear for boys, you’ll find  two designs that are sure to get your little man excited.

If you’re wondering about whether or not there’s much difference between the boys and girls version (talked about above), besides the characters involved – then not that much, actually.

These training pants tend to work fine for both genders alike, and you can use the boys version for your little girl, as well as the girls version for your little boy. There’s absolutely no problem with doing that!

It’s just a “boy’s color and design” and “girl’s color and design” kind of thing, really – there’s any difference in the “urine” patch since these aren’t diapers (they’re training pants) after all.

While some parents find that these toddler training pants are good overnight diapers, that’s not the case with all parents alike. If you find that your kid needs help with extra absorbency capacity, then please check out the Night Time Training Pants we discuss below.

They’re pretty easy to pull off just as you would a diaper, since they come with tabs on the hips that help you easily pull them apart, and that’s a huge relief for many parents (me included).

Anyone who’s been there and done that will know exactly how much of a lifesaver this is when dealing with a dirty diaper full of messy poop!

They can also be easily brought down like underwear, too.

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Pull-Ups Night-Time Disposable Potty Training Pants for Toddler Boys

These Huggies night time disposable pull-ups come in exclusive Disney graphics with Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story that fade when wet. Some come with Buzz on the front, while others come with Woody on the front.

For starters, it manages to hold in both urine and fecal matter pretty well, especially overnight (hence the name).

So, if you have a little boy that’s moving away from diapers and goes the potty during the day, but still needs adequate protection to see him sleep through the night without causing a catastrophe you’ll have to deal with come morning time, these training pants that almost function like underwear are great to consider.

If you’ve ever tried using the regular pull ups discussed above for night time purposes and noticed that your little boy would pee right through them, then you need the absorbency that these night-time training pants have to offer to minimize (if not completely eliminate) night time accidents.

These won’t do much for your potty training endeavors because they’re pretty much like diapers, but for overnight protection and trips that constitute spending long hours in the car with a little one, these are great!

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Pull-Ups Night-Time Disposable Potty Training Pants for Toddler Girls

Each pack from these Pull Ups night time potty training pants for girls includes two designs your little angel will love: Disney Princesses, Cinderella and Belle. These graphics also fade when wet, which helps her learn along the way.

Just so you know, these night time pull-ups don’t have a cooling sensation to them. All there is is the logo that fades when it gets wet. There’s absolutely no cooling sensation involved, which is a good thing.

As far as absorbency goes, these are some of the most absorbent you could offer your little girl, almost as absorbent as the Huggies OverNites diapers, and 30% more absorbent than other training pants that Huggies has in their name (according to the manufacturer themselves).

Again, for those of you wondering about any possible differences between the boys and girls pull-ups, there’s none (besides designs).

The girl’s training pants feature Disney princess designs, while the boy’s training pants feature Toy Story designs. That’s all there is to it, really! Other than that, you can use either for both genders alike.

These would come in best if your daughter is potty trained during the day, but you need something for adequate protection overnight.

This is especially the case because the wetness indicator these toddler training pants have (in the form of fading graphics) doesn’t work the best.

So, you can’t really tell if your little girl peed in her diaper, unless it’s a whole lot. It takes a whole lot of wetting to make the graphic fade.

This means that these aren’t the best choice for parents still trying to perfect potty training with their little ones, but they’re excellent for parents who have already gotten over all of that with their kids and only plan to have them wear these training pants at bedtime.

If that’s what you’re looking for, they don’t leak or cause any kind of skin irritation (they shouldn’t, at least)!

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Natural Blossom – Disposable Hypoallergenic Easy Pull Up Pants

Thanks to the non-adhesive tabs these pull up pants have, this makes it very easy and straightforward for you to change them when they get dirty.

There’s also an adhesive tab you can use for easy clean up and disposal of the diapers whenever a mess happens. All you need to do is fold up the soiled diaper, wrap it using the adhesive tab, and dispose of it properly.

Also, there’s not much scratching going on on your baby’s legs (as is the case with many other pull up pants on the market today(, thanks to the circular Velcro fastening system these ones have.

As far as absorbency is concerned, these pull up pants are made from Cloud SSS grade premium SAP, which absorbs up to 17 oz., and does a great job of keeping diaper rash at bay.

They’re made out of 100% organic cotton and are hypoallergenic (in case you’re specifically looking for pull ups for sensitive skin), and are approved by Allergy UK, DermaTest & passed CPSC Safety Standards.

As a matter of fact, here’s a list of harsh chemicals that the manufacturer states these diapers are 100% free from:

  • PCP, TeCP
  • Benzene
  • Dibutyl Phthalate
  • Ethylbenzene
  • Bis 2-ethylhexy Phthalate
  • Xylene
  • Styrene, Toluene
  • Benzyl Butyl Phthalate

I also love the designs on these, as they’re quite unique. They’re patterns that were inspired by endangered animals.

The patterns and designs are gender neutral as well, so that’s a huge plus if you’re getting something for both baby girls and baby boys. None of those headaches associated with fights over wearing Mini Mouse, Jessie, Hello Kitty and Paw Patrol!

Plus, they come in a package that you can easily turn into (and use as) a diaper tote bag!

All in all, these are some of the most soft and comfortable, lightweight, breathable, stretchy and super absorbent pull up diapers you’ll come across today.

One thing to note, though, is that these aren’t the most affordable pull ups you’ll find. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider other cheaper options.

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What Are Pull Up Diapers?

There are many kinds of pull up diapers available for you to choose from. Pull-Ups are a brand of training pants made by Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Huggies.

Just like the names Kleenex when referring to the tissues or Coke when referring to the soft drink, many people say Pull-Ups when they mean training pants which are easy for children to put on.

Potty training underwear (no matter what brand we’re talking about here) typically have a few features in common:

  • They are designed to fit more like underwear than normal diapers.
  • There are no adjustable tabs, and children can easily pull them up and down.
  • Children usually can’t properly take off or put on typical diapers without assistance, whether they are cloth or disposable.

It should be noted, though, that pull up diapers are not as absorbable as traditional diapers. So, you don’t want to leave a child in pull-ups for too long because you might have leaks.

Since the fit isn’t as tight, your child may also have leaks around the leg areas or up the backside.

You can find many styles of pull-ups depending on what features you’re looking for, including:

  • Nighttime: These are extra absorbent to avoid accidents in the middle of the night.
  • Cooling sensation: A cooling sensation is felt by the child after they potty, helping kids recognize what it feels like to go.
  • Natural fibers: If you’re especially concerned about creating wastes, there are eco-friendly options available.
  • Reusable: Coming from cloth diapers and reluctant to change? There are reusable pull-up diapers you can buy.

Why Should You Use Pull Up Diapers?

All kids potty train differently. Even if you’ve successfully potty-trained older children at a certain age using a particular method, the same thing may not work on a different child.

Pull-ups can help with the transition from wearing diapers to using a toilet.

Some kids act ready to potty train at a very early age. However, very young toddlers (less than 18 months) may not have complete control over their functions yet, even if they seem interested in potty training.

Pull up diapers can start the potty training process until the child is a little older and more mature.

Parents may also want to prevent messes around the house. Your carpets and rugs, couches, and beds will be at the mercy of an untrained kid.

Children who attend daycare may not be allowed to wear regular underwear unless they are potty trained because of sanitation issues.

What Age Should You Use Pull Up Diapers Or Training Pants?

Unfortunately, there is no magic age that once your kid reaches, you know it’s time to bring out the pull-up pants.

Some children seem ready very early, while others drag their feet until they are 3 or 4 years old.

So, there is no right answer that fits everybody’s shoes. Most experts say healthy kids aren’t emotionally or physically ready for pull-up diapers until they are at least 18 months old.

One interesting thing to note is that girls are usually (but not always!) more interested in potty training than boys. Boys tend to lag a few months behind, and they may not catch on quite as quickly.

It depends on how mature the child is, and if you as the parent are ready for the potty-training adventure.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Include:

  • Can my kiddo sit on a toilet seat or potty alone?
  • Does my child follow basic directions?
  • Does he or she tell me when they need to go or think they need to go?
  • Can your child pull their pants up and down unassisted?
  • Are their diapers clean at least 2-3 hours at a time?
  • Will you be close to home and not traveling a great deal?
  • Do you have the time and patience to start potty training?

If most of your answers are no or maybe, it might be best to wait before you start having your child wear pull-up diapers. Starting too soon is usually a recipe for failure, and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

Once you answer those questions with mostly yeses, though, and everyone feels enthusiastic and ready to go, jump on in! Showing your toddler how he or she can become a big boy or girl is an important rite of passage.

Daytime Versus Nighttime Potty Training

Many children may be dry during the day when they can remind an adult or get help if needed.

Nighttime potty training can take longer for some kids. For some, their bodies need to develop enough to be able to hold urine all night long.

That’s where training pants come in, since they can help avoid messy accidents in the middle of the night.

If a child over around age four years consistently has wet diapers or wet bedding in the morning, the first thing a parent should remember is patience! Never ridicule or make a child feel ashamed or uncomfortable for normal bodily functions.

Most importantly, if you are concerned, speak with your child’s doctor.

What Makes A Good Pull Up Diaper?

Consider your needs when you choose the right diapers for potty training for your family.

Sizing & Comfort

Different brands offer their own take on the fit of the diaper. Look for comfortable openings and stretchy waistbands.

With that being said, sizing for pull up diapers can seem a bit confusing, especially because they don’t follow the sizing of regular diapers.

To help you figure this out, a general rule is to match pull up size to pant size. If the pull-ups feel too snug, or your child has difficulty getting them on and off, you might want to size up.

The most important thing here is to avoid potty training underwear that doesn’t fit well. You might have to try out a few brands at first to see what is most comfortable for your little one, but that’s all fine and part of the process, really.

If you have a special-needs child, some brands have larger sizes (all the way to adult) to ensure a good fit.


If you need more absorbency, pick a brand with quilted panels, which can hold more moisture.

Tear-Away Sides

If your toddler has a diaper full of solids, you’ll be thankful for tear-away sides.

Because pull-ups are more like underwear, you can’t change them as easily as a typical diaper. Tear-away sides can prevent solids from plopping out on the floor. Be warned, though: it will still probably happen at least once!


Some kids are very visual, and the design of the diaper may inspire them to potty train. You can find training underwear with popular characters that most children will recognize.

Because pull-ups are much thinner, they feel different, so your child may enjoy choosing a “big kid” diaper with familiar cartoons on it.

You can also pick a design for boys and a design for girls, so take this into consideration when shopping around.

How To Make The Transition Successful

Potty training is a necessary step for your child’s continued growth and independence.

Many activities are dependent on whether or not the child is potty trained, and some schools may not accept children who are not in the general population.

To make the transition as successful as possible, keep the following tips in mind:

Come up With a Routine

Set your alarm if you need to, but be consistent and take your child to the potty at regular intervals.

Does your child always pee after waking up from a nap? Get them on the potty first thing!

Pick up on Cues

Is your kid running to hide behind the couch and then pooping in their pull up? Pick up on these cues and redirect your child to the potty.

Use Props or Tools

If your child is afraid of the big toilet, get a small child potty.

Let them color it or decorate it with stickers, and look for children’s books that talk about potty training in a fun and colorful way.

Be Patient and Kind

No one (except maybe a VERY few children) are able to graduate from potty training in a matter of just one day or two.

So, be patient and understanding with your child! Accidents are likely to occur for at least a few weeks or months.

Nature Wins

If your child simply isn’t ready, you might need to ease up a bit.

Forcing a child to potty train can lead to regressions and may result in upset behavior at other times. Your child will not be able to process your disappointment or anger, so keep your own emotions in check.

Potty Training The Easy Way! Maybe, Maybe Not!

Always remember that the process of getting ready for potty training will be different for every child. Some kids are ready early, while others aren’t, depending on physical and emotional maturity.

Pull up diapers can help parents and children with the transition from diapers to underwear.

Look for pull-ups that have the important features we talked about above, especially ones that fit your child well.

Always be supportive and never ever ridicule or make fun of a child who has an accident! There are tons of tools available to help floundering or confused parents, and don’t be afraid to ask your child’s pediatrician for help if you need further guidance, too.

Potty training is a major milestone for your toddler, so cheer your child on and be patient during the process! Love, kindness, and support will work wonders to bolster your child’s self-esteem and commitment to becoming diaper-free.

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