Diaper Caddy Essentials: What To Put Inside (18 Must Have Items!)

Got a nursery changing table that you use as your go-to station upstairs? You’ll more than likely need a diaper caddy for all your diaper changing needs downstairs!

Diaper caddies are those storage containers you keep right next to your changing table (as part of your changing station), so that all your baby’s changing essentials are within easy reach.

By having a diaper caddy you could take with you wherever you go, you won’t need to run to the nursery each and every single time your baby needs to be changed.

Even if you don’t have a two-story house but live in a one-story house, you’ll still make great use of a baby diaper caddy organizer.

You can change your little one’s diaper in different rooms, instead of having to always resort to one room where your changing station is set up.

Diaper Caddy Essentials: What To Put Inside

But what exactly do you need to put in your diaper caddy? Where do you draw the line between what’s essential to have in there and what’s overboard?

Keep everything organized and store exactly what you need, and your diaper duties will get way easier. If you don’t have a system like this set in place or have an overly packed caddy with items you’ll barely use, though, that’s where the trouble begins.

Here’s a list of all the essential baby stuff you need to store in your diaper caddy.

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Obviously enough, diapers are the first baby essentials that come to mind when preparing a portable diaper caddy.

You’re going to go through tons and tons of diapers on a daily, especially during your little one’s newborn phase, so be ready for it!

Make sure you’re well stocked on diapers in your caddy, baby diaper bag (here’s what to pack in those), car, upstairs and downstairs so that you never find yourself running out of them.

With that being said, if you’re cloth diapering your baby, then you might not want to include cloth diapers in your caddy. That’s simply the case due to how much space cloth diapers take up when compared to disposable diapers.

If you choose to cloth diaper your baby, then you might want to store all your cloth diapers and inserts in the drawers of the dresser that you use as the changing table.

Changing Pad

Keep a portable changing pad that’s lightweight, easy to move around from room to room or from downstairs to upstairs and vice versa, as well as ones that are super soft and comfortable for your baby to lay on when getting their diapers changed.

Make sure that the one you get is compact and easy to fold or roll up. That way, no matter where you’re changing diapers – on the couch, on the bed, etc … – you know your possessions are protected and you won’t have to worry about huge messes.

Diaper Cream

Babies are prone to developing diaper rash, especially the younger ones, so always have a tube or jar of diaper rash cream on hand.

As your baby gets older, you’ll find that they’re less and less likely to develop diaper rash anymore, but still keeping diaper cream on hand remains a great idea.

If you cloth diaper your baby, make sure you have a tube or jar of diaper cream suitable for cloth diapers.

Baby Wipes

Right after diapers, baby wipes are the second most essential items you’ll need in a diaper caddy.

Have a bunch of disposable wipes within reach, or if you cloth diaper your baby, make sure you have cloth wipes within reach.

Hand Sanitizer

Of course, it’s always best that you wash your hands after every diaper change, but that’s not always possible or practical for many reasons.

For that reason, have a hand sanitizer nearby so that you don’t have to go to the bathroom and wash your hands with every change.

Baby Lotion

For babies that have skin conditions such as Eczema, it’s very important to keep a bottle of lotion within reach to apply.

There’s no set time during the day that you’ll need to apply lotion on their skin, so it’s best if you have a bottle within reach wherever you are, downstairs or upstairs or any room in the house.

With that being said, applying baby lotion and moisturizing ointment on your baby’s skin post-diaper change is a great idea.

Spray Bottle

If you’re cloth diapering, always have a spray bottle at hand. Fill it with water, add in a bit of baby wash (only a drop should be enough), and add in half a capful of baby oil.


If your little troublemaker gives you a hard time and just won’t lie still when you’re changing their diaper, keep a toy (or a few toys) in your diaper caddy to keep them entertained and occupied.


If your baby’s still young enough to be using a pacifier, say younger than 6 months of age, then having one (or a few) on hand is a good idea for soothing purposes.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always losing your baby’s pacifiers, even though you could swear you keep them organized and know exactly where you left them last.

So, ensure you always have one (or a few) pacifiers stashed in your diaper caddy for whenever you need it most.

Burp Cloth

Never, ever, ever find yourself in a situation where your baby has just been fed and you don’t have a burp cloth nearby – that’s a recipe for disaster! That’s just inviting spit up to get all over your shirt and clothes.

Ideally, have two burp cloths neatly stored in your diaper caddy – the extra second being a spare.


I think you got used to it by now that babies are here to make a mess! Have a bib stored in your baby diaper caddy organizer to have a reply to all their drooling, especially if they’re teething.

Nail Clipper

Your baby’s fingernails and toenails are going to grow super fast! Always have baby safe nail clippers on hand to keep your little one looking their sharpest.


Whenever you need to take your baby’s temperature, take the thermometer out of your diaper caddy and pop it back in. 30 second job all in all, easy peasy!


Speaking of thermometers, keep a jar of vaseline nearby just in case you need to take your baby’s temperature with a rectal thermometer.

Nasal Aspirator

Again, nasal aspirators (or snot suckers as some people like to call them) are super useful to have on hand everywhere – upstairs, downstairs, your diaper bag, your diaper caddy, your car, literally everywhere!

You never know when you need it because your baby needs some help clearing their stuffed nose! A baby with a stuffy nose is a miserable baby.

Hair Brush & Comb

You know, for all your baby’s grooming needs and to keep them looking their best after bath time!

If you can keep a small grooming kit in your diaper caddy altogether, then all the better.

Clean Set of Clothes

Being the messy tiny little creatures they are, expect your baby to need at least (and let me stress on at least) one change of clothes throughout the day.

So, to not take up too much valuable space in your diaper caddy, keep at least one clean onesie stored in there for when you need it!


Depending on what time of the year it is and what season you’re in, as well as where you live and what the weather is like over there, keep an extra pair of socks in your diaper caddy at the ready in case your baby’s bare feet are cold.

Wrapping it Up

And there you have it! That’s about everything you’ll need to pack in your portable diaper caddy for all your baby’s needs.

With time and experience, you’ll come to realize that the trick to packing the perfect baby diaper caddy organizer is to focus on the stuff you know that you’ll need to use on your baby.

That means you’ll need to do some updating on a regular basis to make sure that the items currently stored in your diaper caddy are what your baby needs in this stage of their life.

If you don’t do this on a regular basis, that’s a recipe for a cluttered diaper caddy that’s anything but organized.

Are there any items or products we didn’t include in our list of diaper caddy essentials? Or are there any special tips you’ve learned from experience regarding packing and organizing diaper caddies? Please do make yourself heard in the comment section below!

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